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Learn Piano Chords

October 14, 2010

This is my review of a piano course that helps you learn piano chords quickly. The lesson presentation is well done and the price is almost too good to be true.

I looked all over for a good piano program that my daughter could use to learn piano. I wanted her to have early successes so she would be compelled to keep learning. I looked at a variety of programs, which I will list here in a bit. however, I eventually settled on a course that teaches how to play piano using chords. It gives quick results and will let her feel highly successful early on.

Here are all the piano courses that I looked at using:

PianoforallThis is what I ultimately picked out for my daughter. It’s priced very cheap. She loves it! She’s learning piano chords quickly and easily and having loads of fun doing it.

Piano and Keyboard Method by eMedia – A software lesson program with good reviews on Amazon. Teaches traditional piano however and does not start off teaching chords.

My Piano by eMedia – Piano lessons for kids. Simple but good for little ones to get started.

Piano Wizard – A cool piano game that teaches kids to read notes imperceptibly.

Learn & Master Piano – A thorough piano course using software, video, and text.

Rocket Piano – Some free lessons and paid lessons online

The piano course that I bought my daughter to help her learn piano chords seems to be the best of all these that I checked out. I love the fact that she’s immediately playing chords rather than just one or two finger tunes. The course teaches her to play chords, how to play by ear, how to improvise , and also teaches her notes. It’s great for beginners. Up until now, my daughter had never taken any lessons. Now, with this course, she’s busy practicing 2 hours a day. It’s a lot of fun for her.

The lessons come in an ebook, but there also videos and audio recordings inside the ebook that help the learner hear and see what they’re going to be doing. It’s a great combo of all the options. I do wish there was a software component as well, but that would probably cost a whole lot more to add. At the price Pianoforall costs, what I got was incredible. I really thought there would be a backend sale or upsell to get me the real goods. That wasn’t the case however. Everything came for the one ridiculously low price.

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